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A second home on Lithuanian seaside

“New seaside” is an innovative real estate development of houses and semi-detached houses on Lithuanian seaside, in the rapidly modernizing and growing part of Šventoji city. It is one of the greenest real estate developments in the region – 82% of the area is covered with plants, trees, and lawn zones. Furthermore, each house has an individual solar power plant on the roof.

Anyone who appreciates quality and is ready to rediscover Lithuanian seaside will find their home in this development. “New Seaside” is a unique project for a modern, curious person looking for a haven of peace, who values time, seeks harmony and wants to create a space filled with a special atmosphere.





Safety and comfort-creating infrastructure for the family

Before we had children, we dreamed of going abroad, but when the family grew, the purpose of the dream began to change. For several years, we looked around. When we unexpectedly saw an announcement of the "New seaside" in Šventoji and decided to go and have a look. The vision was different, we imagined it would be a place where you could hear the city buzz. After arriving in Šventoji and before entering the territory, but having already seen those Scandinavian-style houses, I told my husband that this is the place where I would like to spend my vacation. The location is very convenient, a 15-minute walk to the sea, far from the city hustle. There is a children's playground that is a closed, safe area for residents only. Each house has a terrace with a yard, the terraces are planted with thuja and pine trees, the interior is comfortably planned. So, we didn’t think for long - we went to the sea and coming back we already had a decision we are happy with. This development, in my opinion, is unique and there is no other like it.

Resident Santa

Tranquility in Šventoji

Asta, who bought a house in the development, said that while living and working in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, she was looking for a vacation home not only for the summer season. "The elegant, Scandinavian-style houses with solar power plants turned out to be really charming and did not even remotely resemble Šventoji that I used to visit in my childhood. We were looking for a quiet place that was a little more remote, so that in the summer there wouldn't be crowds of tourists passing by. So "New seaside" turned out to be suitable from this point of view as well. And if you want entertainment, Palanga can be easily reached by car or bicycle. In addition, housing prices in Šventoji are more reasonable, and the town itself is beautiful. Asta emphasized the fact that the house does not have centralized heating, so you can only heat it when you need it. Since the house was bought for recreation, it is not visited often in the cold season and there is no need to constantly heat it. And when you arrive, heating up with electricity is not expensive, because solar power plants are installed on the roof of every house. Another advantage is private and beautifully arranged territory. Also, the project developers themselves really helped and advised a lot during the moving in process. The neighborhood is pleasant, all neighbors are friendly and take care of the general well-being.

Resident Asta

The opportunity to enjoy the benefits of forest and sea

After purchasing the house, Rolanda emphasized that she had been looking for a right development for several years. "I like sea, sand, pine trees, wind, sun, space. In "New seaside" I saw my second home with a large, safe, and green space, very suitable for the seaside. A very big advantage is our own solar power plant. The layout of the houses provides a sense of community while maintaining personal space. Excellent distance to the center of Šventoji, the sea and the forest on foot, by bicycle or by other means of transportation, so you can enjoy the gifts of the forest: mushrooms, berries. If you miss the city hustle, you can stop by the town center, the port or the church. The place is fabulous. For me, this is the most wonderful development by the seaside - simply created for living in harmony with yourself and the environment.

Resident Rolanda

No worries about the house finishing works

Tomas says that when he was looking for a second home, space was relevant due to having a family and small child. "We were interested in real estate objects in Palanga, Kunigiškės, Šventoji. The "New seaside" development turned out to be attractive in terms of price and value - it is a new object, our choice - with full decoration, builder's guarantees, there was no need to worry about the finishing works when living in another city. In addition, we liked the smart layout of the rooms and the arrangement of the terraces – they are at a greater distance from each other. A big plus is solar collectors that should provide electricity for the whole year. The pace of Šventoji suits us very well - calmer vacations and fewer additional stimuli for children. We feel that we are in nature - there are many birds, rabbits visit our yard, too.

Resident Tomas

Comfortable and pleasant vacation when traveling from a foreign country

One of the reasons for buying a home in this development was to have my own home on the coast of Lithuania, where I could vacation when returned. "When I saw the “New Seaside” development, I liked the idea that it is a settlement of houses, not apartments. I was looking for more space for my family and to be able to bring my parents and spend time together. Most seaside developments are focused on apartments, so the "New Seaside" was a unique option. I also liked this development because of the location - it's easy to reach the seaside and the city center. It was also relevant to me that the airport is so close, just five minutes by car.

Resident Eglė, who lives in Ireland

A place you want to return to all year round

We are from Mažeikiai. Me and my wife have been looking for a house to live here for some time, we wanted to have our own yard, but we couldn't find anything we liked. We also passively looked at developments by the seaside. One weekend we travelled to visit all the most liked objects along the coast from Palanga to Šventoji. The “New Seaside" was one of them. We visited it first and that impression was the strongest, so we decided to buy a house there to spend weekends and holidays. We joke that our parents used to buy collective gardens, here is our collective garden where we will rest. After a busy week nothing is better than a change of scenery and a break from the routine. We go there all year round. We like peace, a lot of walking, cycling. We have a dog. Šventoji has a very wide and long beach that accommodates everyone.

Resident Giedrius

Sea and the environment, which accommodates all the details that create coziness

Nelė, who bought a house in the "New Seaside", says that living by the sea has always been a dream. "I was fascinated by the idea of the development - houses, semi-detached houses, their beauty and practicality. I like Šventoji because it's not a buzzling city, I wanted to rest after coming from the big city. The small town spirit is reminiscent of the feeling of home. I could call the "New Seaside" a cozy delicacy which is created by a separate yard with terrace.

Resident Nelė

Finished Houses in Lithuanian Seaside

The price already includes an individual solar power plant on the roof, two parking spaces, a spacious and private yard. To the sea – only 12 minutes. Any questions? Let’s get in touch.

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