A community for those who love nature and Baltic Sea.

Developed infrastructure

The developer of the “New Seaside” took care not only of building houses, but also of cozy outdoor infrastructure suitable for walking and leisure – from the lighting and landscaping of the territory to bicycle paths.


A friendly neighborhood is no less important than quality construction. In the part of Šventoji, where “New Seaside” is located, a particularly friendly, strong and creative community lives. “New Seaside” is especially attractive to people looking for calm surroundings, security and nature.

Focus on "green" energy

The “New Seaside” concept is that everything is thought out down to the details, so we are the first innovative, “green” energy development on the Lithuanian seaside.


Each house has an individual rooftop solar power plant that provides residents with sustainable electricity. An attractive location and exclusive, innovative solutions do not mean extremely high prices. On the contrary, the prices of the “New seaside” houses are very competitive.


The individual solar power plant reduces electricity costs by up to 70%. Let’s take the first steps towards green energy together.

Looking for nature and tranquility

The “New Seaside” development, surrounded by nature, is becoming even greener! In order for the pleasant smell of pine trees to reach you as soon as you enter your private terrace we planted the territory with hundreds of large, luxurious pine trees.


Houses in the “New Seaside” are among the most sought after by the sea. Here you can enjoy your personal time in a private yard surrounded by mature pine trees.

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Perspectives of Šventoji city

Today Šventoji is most appreciated by families and people looking for tranquility. In this resort more and more attention is paid to the development of infrastructure and new ideas.


It is predicted that Šventoji will stand out with the biggest real estate price increase in Lithuanian seaside. One of the biggest development plans of Šventoji is 40 million EUR investment in Šventoji seaport. It is expected that the developed port will give the resort a perspective for development, contribute to the promotion of local and, in the future, international tourism, and increase the value of real estate.

Finished Houses in Lithuanian Seaside

The price already includes an individual solar power plant on the roof, two parking spaces, a spacious and private yard. To the sea – only 12 minutes. Any questions? Let’s get in touch.

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