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Do you know that "fresh start" feeling?

Curiosity is intertwined with a whole chain of emotions – hope, positivity, euphoria, faith and enthusiasm. Residents choose this “green” energy real estate development in Šventoji for its cozy Scandinavian style, efficiency and modern solutions.


The “New Seaside” is designed for people who appreciate quality, value time and are ready to rediscover Lithuanian seaside. There are 68 rationally and spaciously designed houses and semi-detached houses in the entire territory. It is an exclusive development where you can enjoy all the benefits of the seaside.

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The first such project in Šventoji

New, modern territory, private houses and cozy semi-detached houses – this is a development with a great aura. Scandinavian architecture was chosen in order to maintain the traditional style of Šventoji: cozy, earthy and natural. This is reflected in the constructions, facades and color range of the houses: cherry, blue, gray, beige and white.

The infrastructure of the development is suitable not only for those who love nature and tranquility, but also for active lifestyle lovers. Nearby, reachable only in 10 minutes, there is Ošupis trail, perfect for walking, running or bike rides with the whole family.

The development is already finished

You can choose a holiday home from 63 to 72 sq.m. The inside layouts are rational, providing 2-3 bedrooms, with the possibility of have a dedicated work space.

Each house and semi-detached house has a plot of land from 1.7 to 6 acres – for recreation, games or time with the family in the fresh air. All residents will have completely private, 10-13 sq.m. wooden terraces – for morning coffee or slow dinner.

The developer of “New Seaside” has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate market, the general contractor of the project is an experienced and reliable partner. All construction and environment works have already been 100% completed.

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Šventoji is a legend
intertwined with tranquility and romance

Since ancient times, this resort has attracted people due to its special aura. In the first half of 20th century, Šventoji was the national port city of Lithuania twice. in 1956 a lighthouse was built, and later, single-story individual houses were started to be constructed. Later on it was allowed to build summer cabins – Šventoji became an urban and architectural symbol of the new Lithuania.

Looking for an alternative workplace

Have you ever considered working near the beach? If you work effectively from home, you will also be able to work remotely successfully from your new home by the sea.


If you choose a house in the “New Seaside”, you will be able to set up a work space or even a separate office, and you will devote your free time to yourself, your family, sports or long walks in the forests and in the Baltic Sea beach.


For those who are impatient and want to go on vacation right away, we have a special offer – a furnished semi-detached house with all furniture and a fully furnished house with kitchen furniture and appliances.

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Naujasis pajuris

“New Seaside” is the first innovative,
green-concept development by the Baltic Sea.

Finished Houses in Lithuanian Seaside

The price already includes an individual solar power plant on the roof, two parking spaces, a spacious and private yard. To the sea – only 12 minutes. Any questions? Let’s get in touch.

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